I want you to bring my best. Whether you seek the companionship of a devoted girlfriend, the thrill and passion of a new lover, or a partner for refined dinners and exciting events. My aim is to leave you fulfilled, relaxed, and with a contented smile after our shared time.


Thank you for being here. My name is Ami. I’m an Asian young woman, born in the Far East, but raised in the Netherlands. During my teenage years, I’ve had secret fantasies about this profession. Now, as a student, here I am.

My favourite aspect of this job is the diversity it offers, the variety of different people, locations and experiences it brings into my life.


As a university student, my days are predominantly filled with academic activities. Fortunately, I genuinely enjoy studying and enjoy math as a unique form of relaxation. Yes, I’m that kind of unusual. To balance out my academic focus, I’m dedicated to working out. I’m passionate about living a healthy lifestyle, which includes spending time at the gym, running, and maintaining a balanced diet. My goal is to consistently present the best version of myself.


What sets me apart is a wonderful combination of a fit, attractive sexy body and a warm, caring personality. Clients often describe me as a sweet, intelligent woman with a charming touch of geekiness. They cherish the genuine connection and authenticity they experience in my presence. Behind closed doors, I embody a playful, naughty, and adventurous spirit. While I reserve the right to decline anything that doesn’t feel right, being respectful and a true gentleman will ensure you get the best of me.

My interests are wide-ranging, and I love hearing your stories whilst cuddling in your arms and sharing deep kisses. I’m very open-minded; your needs and fantasies are in safe hands with me—feel free to share them. Most people in my private life consider me an introvert, but I don’t entirely agree. While I’m not the loudest in the room, I’m certainly proactive and ready to take the lead when necessary or … desired.


So, dear reader, are you ready for a great time together?

Why not treat yourself and book your time with me!

Love Ami x

A woman in a sleeveless black dress sits elegantly on an orange vintage sofa placed in front of a large window with green views. Her legs are crossed, and she wears black high heels. The room has a rustic charm with dark green walls and a wooden floor, illuminated by natural light coming through the window.
A woman sitting on a chair in a dimly lit room with red and pink walls. She is wearing red lingerie and has long dark hair, with her hands resting on the back of her head. The scene is framed by a window with red panes and a wooden table in the foreground, creating an intimate and moody atmosphere.

    • Age: Early 20s
    • Orientation: Bisexual
    • Nationality: Dutch | Ethnicity: Asian
    • Languages: Dutch | English
    • Height: 163 cm (5'4")
    • Weight: 49 - 52 kg (108 - 114 lbs)
    • Cup size: 70 B (EU) - all natural
    • Dress Size : EU 36
    • Underwear Size: S
    • Shoe size: 37/38 (EU)
    • Waist: 66 cm (26") | Hips: 93 cm (36.6")
    • Education: University student (BSc)
    • Hobbies: Studying | Running | Fitness | Photography
    • Tattoos/Piercings/Enhancements: None
    • Substance use: Alcohol: Very little | Smoking: No | Drugs: No


I match well with a broad spectrum of personalities — from the introspectively nerdy and shy to those who are vibrantly playful and dominant. My deepest connections are formed with those who are spontaneous and adventurous, especially those who navigate life's ups and downs with a sense of humor. Having a warm personality is definitely a plus.


A person who is highly achievement-oriented, domineering, impatient, pushy, serious, and/or conservative will not be a good match. Insensitivity to my boundaries, needs, and desires is a no-no. Heavy smokers are also not a match.